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Yes, we work in Milford, NH! Home Inspectors must be licensed in the state of New Hampshire, we take it beyond minimum licensure and maintain Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) status with InterNACHI.  InterNACHI is the worlds largest trade associations for Home Inspectors. 

Our Property Inspection and Lab reports are very high quality.  When you call or email us, ask us for a sample report.  We maintain a catalog of sample reports which will show you our experiences in the field (the good and sometimes the bad).   Our Radon Testing is performed in conjunction with a state certified laboratory.

Our customers are very satisified.   We can provide you with one or many references to call.  You can also google Twin State Inspections, LLC and read the reviews for yourself. 

We don't take shortcuts.   We go into attics, under crawlspaces, and onto rooftops (assuming it's safe).   We crouch down, crawl, probe, touch, look, and smell.  We report our observations directly to you, in written format, so you can make an informed decision.