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  • Vince and Dale are both "InterNACHI Certified Inspectors" 
  • Vince and Dale are both Licensed in NH and VT.   
  • Dale is an "ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)" .  This is the Highest level of certification possible
  • Dale is a Subject Matter Expert for the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors.  
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  • BBB A+ Accredited
What is Inspected:
  • Structure (Foundation, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Roof)
  • Exterior (Not Condos) (Siding, Decks, Doors, Porches/Balconies, Eaves/Soffits/Fascias, Entryways, Walkways, Driveways, Drainage, Vegetation, Grading, Retaining Walls)
  • Roof (Not Condos) (Materials, Condition, Flashing, Drainage, Skylights, Chimney Exteriors, Penetrations)
  • Plumbing (Water Supply and Distribution; Drain/Waste/Vent (DWV), Water Heating, Fuel Storage and Distribution)
  • Electrical (Service Drop, Main Disconnect, Panels and Subpanels, Conductors, Overcurrent Protection, Lighting, Switches, Receptacles) 
  • Heating/Cooling (Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Central AC Systems, Distribution, Ventilation)
  • Insulation and Ventilation (Unfinished Spaces, Attics, Foundations)
  • Limited Fireplaces (including Chimney Exteriors and Vents) - See below
What is NOT Inspected:
  • Septic Tanks - Requres a specalist due to complexity and number of issues usually discovered.  Refer to Dale if they need names of recommeneded inspectors.
  • Sewer Lines/Scope - Old Homes have sometimes fragile sewer lines - we will recommend further inspection, as needed.
  • Complete Chimney and Flues - We do a basic inspection on fireplaces/chimneys/woodstoves and will make addl inspection recommendations, as needed.  We do not perform stand alone chimney inspections, perform cleanings, or perform "Level 2" inspections.
  • Generators - Requires a specialist.  
  • Pellet Stoves - We are unable to ignite fires needed to test.
  • We carry ample Errors and Omissions Insurance 
  • Plenty of Liabilty Insurance
  • Never had a claim or reason to use.
Price Determination: 
  • Generally Age and Square Footage, Number of Outbuildings, Number of Units.  
  • Mileage is a factor (but do not disclose this)
  • Refer to Dale all large (4500 SF+) and/or homes listed over $1 Million.
  • $35 Off for Townhouses/Condos
  • Refer to Dale for Veterans, Seniors, or others who request discounts
  • Any price negotiation requested, Refer to Dale
  • Book Dale First.  Book Vince Second.  
  • Appointments at 8am and 1pm Monday thru Friday.  
  • Allow 3h for typical home.   
  • Goal is to schedule within next 4-6 days.  Any short term openings - Refer to as a last minute cancellation
  • Client Encouraged to Attend.  If not entire inspection, please attend towards end for debriefing.
  • Saturdays by request - Refer to Dale
  • Allow 1.5h travel time from Site A to Site B on same day.
  • Dale will confirm scheduling with the Agent.
  • Client will receive confirmation email with agreements to eSign.
  • If FSBO, Is there a contact?  Put in notes.
Property Access:  Agents provide access in our region.  Dale will confirm this with them.  Lockbox codes are rarely used/given out here.

Water Testing: Please sell these two packages below only.  Dale will coordinate with Agent/Owner to collect before the inspection, typically.  We can not collect water samples on a Friday or over the weekend (water samples expire after 24h).

  • Most everyone - $217 - Comprehenisve Water Test (Tests for Organic &  Inorganics  and Radon).
  • Rarely - $89 - VA Minimum (Meets VA/FHA/RD requirements)  Only a basic scan to meet those requirements.  
  • Special Requests - Refer to Dale
Radon Air - Requires 2 Days of Exposure in the Home.  Closed Home Conditions Required.  Dale will coordinate with Agent/Owner to setup before the inspection, typically.

We typically use Electronic Radon Monitors.  Fee with inspection is $125.  Without inspection is $225.

Inspection Report Turnaround

  • Inspection Reports are delivered in 24-48 business hours.  Friday inspections, typically Monday delivery.
  • Water Reports -  3-5 Business Days  (typically 4)
  • Radon Reports - Avail as soon as Radon Monitor is picked up.  
  • If customer is dissatisified with our services, we will refund the full inspection fee.  No questions asked.  
  • No home warranty services offered. Our real estate is some of the oldest in North America and is is not possible to provide home warranties.
ISN Notes:  
  • Please use the notes if the customer raises any special concerns
  • Example: Water in basement, cracked foundation wall, very old house.
  • Cash or Check the day of the inspection (preferred).   Inspector will bring an invoice.
  • Credit card with a 3% Fee - Dale can send the payment link if the customer desires. No Onsite Credit Cards. Please request in advance.